Time for a Wo-Man’s Drink!

We don’t want to be sexist here now, do we? It’s interesting though how we think of a strong drink, generally debauched drinking habits and booze-swaggery bravado as a man’s habits. I’ve known and still know plenty of women, ladies even!, who are no shrinking violets when it comes to strong drink. Why, even Camellia herself, though wilting, was still schmettering arias and downing the gin & dubonnet! Interesting, though, sexism; we pat a man on the back and are impressed if he’s a slut, while a woman’s just a slut. I’ve always liked that word, actually, Slut: He’s a bit of a slut! I wouldn’t mind slutting it with that one! Ah yes, but that was in the days when I was still a slut. And in case you wondered: https://www.etymonline.com/word/slut

How did we get here? Ah well, never mind! Back to the task at hand:

The Negroni

It is said that the Negroni originated in Florence in the early 20th century, when Count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender, one Fosco Scarselli to replace the soda water in his Americano with Gin, which is proof positive that the people asking to top their Negroni with soda just didn’t get the message. At all! It’s a drink that’s dead easy to make, if you have a fully stocked bar, but even in a lock-down time of crisis and with a shelf of ageing ingredients, you can normally throw something halfway decent together. Which is what I did.

A Negroni is really two drinks in one glass. Dead strong to start, then as your ice melts, is mellows and there’s your second drink!

If you want to be fancy, you can have a lighter at the ready, squeeze your lemon peel and burn the oil that spritzes out into the glass, then rub the rim with the rind and toss it in. Don’t forget to stir vigorously. Which is where my chopstick came in. And here are the proper measurements:

  • 30ml Aperol
  • 15ml Sweet Red Vermouth
  • 15ml Vodka
  • 15ml Gin
  • 1 Orange Slice or Peel

S a l u t e !

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